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Project Description

Export stored procedures, functions, triggers, tables and table contents to text files. SQLWriteToFile makes it easier for developers and DBA's to export a SQL development project, for backup or installation. It is developed in C#. Earlier VB version available by request.

Screen Shots



  1. Fill in server address, user name, password... then click the "refresh" button to retrieve a list of databases
  2. Select the DB name from dropdown
  3. Select output directory
  4. Fill in keywords for filters, click Start.
  5. Files are saved in separate folders. In each folder, scripts are saved individually and a file called _install.sql contains all the scripts.
  6. Table contents are saved as INSERT statements. You have to specify max number of rows that you want to save.
  7. You can filter multiple keywords, seperated by ";". For example, project1; project2

Things planned for 1.1

  • Improve the filters. Add "not contains" as a filter option
  • Detect dependencies among stored procedures and arrange installation sequence automatically
  • Save security settings to a script

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